Deleting and Restoring SKUs in RepricerExpress

RepricerExpress permits you to erase items from the framework. You may wish to do this in the event that you don’t wish to reprice an item and don’t need it appearing in RepricerExpress.

Erased items are totally expelled from all repricing calendars and activities, in any case, we will log your Min and Max esteems and repricing rule at the hour of cancellation, should you wish to utilize these, in the event that you decide to reestablish them for repricing.

Your item won’t be erased from your Amazon or eBay account.

You can erase an item from RepricerExpress by following the means underneath,

Snap ‘My Inventory’ and either search or channel to the product(s) you wish to erase.

On either the ‘Item Detail’ or ‘Channel Overview’ tabs mark box to one side of every item you wish to erase.

Select the ‘Mass Edit Products’ catch.

Pick the choice, ‘Erase Products from RepricerExpress’.

If it’s not too much trouble note: erasing a SKU recorded on a few commercial centers will erase it from these commercial centers as well.

It will take a few minutes for the erased items to vanish from your record however please permit up to 1hr.


How to reestablish erased items?

When items are erased you can see them in the ‘Erased’ tab situated on the upper right of the ‘My Inventory’ screen.


You can reestablish items to RepricerExpress to make them accessible for repricing from this ‘Erased’ tab.

While reestablishing them you can pick both of the accompanying strategies for doing this:

Reestablishing an item utilizing the min and max and repricing rule(s) that were set up when the item was erased.

Reestablishing an item with no min and max value, similar to another item. The item will be added to your default repricing rule.

Pick the choice you might want starting from the drop menu and snap on ‘Reestablish’. The product(s) will be reestablished when we download new postings from Amazon, which happens like clockwork.

It would be ideal if you note: items which are latent on Amazon won’t be reestablished until they become dynamic once more.

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